Quick setup on your Raspberry Pi 3


  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Micro SD card, minimum size 2GB
  • Power supply
  • Smart phone

Step 1: Download the Image

Download the latest nymea image for the Raspberry Pi 3.


Step 2: Flash the Image

There are different ways how to flash the SD Card. You can find instructions at the official Raspberry Pi documentation or here in the wiki.

Step 3: Download the nymea:app

Android iOS Windows macOS
nymea:app for Android nymea:app for iOS nymea:app for Windows nymea:app for macOS X

Step 4: Power on the Raspberry Pi

Inset the micro SD-Card into your Raspberry Pi 3 and power on the device. Booting might take a while.

Step 5: Setup the wireless network

As long as the Raspberry Pi does not have any network connection, so let's say you don't have any LAN cable plugged in, nymea starts a Bluetooth service that helps you to get your Pi connected with your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi setup

Step 6: Connect to your nymea

Now that your Raspberry Pi is connected to your Wi-Fi you are able to connect to nymea. Take care that your nymea:app is in the same network as your Raspberry Pi!

Nymea Connection

Step 7: Have fun!

That's it! You are ready to add your devices and create some magic for your environment!