nymea Changelog

V 0.23.1

nymea (0.23.1)
Make it build with Qt 5.14 and -Wno-deprecated fix license version
Silence the warning about not being able to translate plugins
Nanoleaf: Fix IPv6
Hue: Don't set invalid states to the hue color light
OneWire PlugIn: Add W1 support
AnelElektronik: Fix actions and add generic IO types
Hue: Don't falsely emit button presses at startup
Add Analog IOs
Update Readme

V 0.23.0

Fix conversion of values
Use bindValue for composing query strings for the log DB
Fix missing name method override for json handlers
Rework garage door interfaces
Fix update busy flag in GetUpdateStatus API call
Fix cleaning up tags that are not needed any more
New Plugin: Fronius
UsbRelay: Fix initialization of udev device watcher if no matching
Generic things: Add extended smart meter
Awattar: The token is not needed any more for AT
Generic Things: Add generic pressure and co2 sensors
Shelly: Allow setting the roller shutter percentage
Generic Things: Add generic garagedoors

V 0.22.0

Store state changes immediately when they change
Allow emitting events from things directly
Vaguely inform the plugin about the origin of actions.
Fix time filter
Make use of generic IO support in smart plugs
New plugin: Solar-Log
Shelly: Add support for the Shelly Dimmer 2
Generic Things: Add venetian blind
nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.5)
Rework readmes
nymea-plugin-knx (0.0.4)
Rework readmes

V 0.21.0

nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.10)
Allow multiple tunnels for one valid token
libnymea-networkmanager (0.4.0)
Fix wrong argument when creating an access point
Add IP address information
Improve AP error handling a bit
Improve error messages when a plugin fails to load
Add support for generic IO connections
Reject duplicate ids in plugin json
Add an irrigation interface
Log DB schema 4
Drop internal networkmanager and use libnymea-networkmanager instead
Improve networking API
Add an I2C hardware resource
Add support for restarting nymea in the system api
Fix thing class translations
Check for cloud certificate file before trying to connect
Add a helper function to more easily access ZeroConf txt records
Cleanup license headers/files
Don't directly link to libssl, we're using the Qt wrappers
Fix UPnP discovery if wifi comes up late
Add ventilation interface
New Plug-In: Doorbird
Rework readmes
New integration plug-in: BluOS
Tado: Add heating interface
PhilipsHue: Add support for the Hue Smart Button
New Plugin: Generic Things
Removed all 433MHz plug-ins
New Plugin: I²C devices
Shelly: Add switch device to Shelly Dimmer
All Plugins: Fix german translations to also work all german regions
Avahi Monitor: added address and port
Tuya: Fix devId parameter for blinds
GPIO: Add support for generic IO connections
Denon Plug-in: Fixed discovery and added async actions
Philips Hue: Additional discovery method
Fix duplicate UUID for connected state type
Generic IOs
Rework readmes
Fix UniPi 1 Actions

V 0.20.0

Rework grouping behavior a bit
Support “Thing” instead of “Device” in script editor
Upgrade to Qt 5.14 (Android and iOS)
Build multi-arch Android packages
Some fixes when reconfiguring discovered things
Fix pressure unit in weather view
Fix broken time settings on Android
Fix some graphs not updating correctly when imperial units are used
Fix spaces and “Umlauts” in ScriptEditor’s code completion
Fix missing state change values in the log viewer
Add support for the Radio Paradise icon when browsing media
Fix removing things being broken in some circumstances
Fix dark-on-dark font in the header with some styles

libnymea-networkmanager (0.3.0)
Remove misleading return value, now that the method is async

nymea-networkmanager (0.5.2)
Fix race conditions at startup.

nymea (0.20.0)
Rename devices to Integrations/Things
Add Radio Paradise icon support in the browser
Fix param values getting lost in ScriptEvents
Add better error reporting when a client fails to establish the
Allow removal of discovered child things
Add a displayMessage for errors to browsing operations
Fix initialization of ScriptState values on startup
Fix remving of things without plugin

nymea-plugins (0.20.0)
Denon Plug-In: Heos add browsing
New Plugin: Air Quality Index
New Plug-In: Dynatrace UFO
Keba: add interfaces, async actions and async setup
Hue: Add support for scenes and cleanup removed devices
aWATTar: Add support for aWATTar Germany
Shelly: Fix channel parameter for generated switch on Shelly1
OpenWeatherMap: Fix support for custom OWM API tokens
Shelly: Fix connection status if a Shelly connects too fast
FlowerCare: Fix rediscovery for reconfiguration
Netatmo: Added userandpassword setup method
PhilipsHue: Fix motion sensor timeout
Shelly: Provide defaults for all parameters
Philips Hue: Fix bridge rediscovery
OneWire: Fix manual discovery of connected devices
CoinMarketCap: New API
TCP Commander: Fix input with multiple incoming connections

nymea-plugins-simulation (0.7)
Update to API changes (IntegrationPlugins and Things)

nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.3)
Update to API changes (IntegrationPlugin and Things)

nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.4)
Add command queue and update to new API

nymea-plugin-knx (0.0.2)
Add to nymea release process
Add to nymea release chain
Fix scaling issue in the dimming code

nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.7)
Update DevicePlugin to IntegrationPlugin

nymea-plugin-ekey (0.0.3)
Update to new API (IntegrationPlugin and Things)

V 0.19.0

nymea:app (1.0.187)
Fix shadows when using multiple tabs
Hide delete option for child things
Open context menus on longpress
Fix a crash on some Android devices
Reduce minimum tile size
Add a placeholder on switches when there are no presses yet
Improve error reporting when a thing fails to set up
Add support for changing the password and revoke tokens
Fix log viewer for action parameters
Fix weather view conversion to imperial

nymea (0.19.0)
Delete devices before plugin destruction
Cleanup Rule definition in introspection
Add more detailed setup status to API
Improve heating interfaces
Add Users API
Fix some issues reported by valgrind
Fix ScriptAction qqmlparserstatus
Keep devices without plugins in the system
Update copyright in --help text
Bump version for 0.19
Add units: newton, newtonmeter and rpm
Stabilize logging tests

nymea-plugins (0.19.0)
Shelly: Add 2.5, 1PM, Dimmer, RGBW2 and Plug/PlugS
Bose: Add support for presets
TP-Link: Add support for HS100, HS103, HS105, HS200 and KP100

nymea-mqtt (0.1.5)
Fix a memory leak reported by valgrind
Allow clients with protocol version 3.1.0 to connect to the server
Initial attempt to start documenting things

libnymea-networkmanager (0.2.3)
Reinitialize nm if the initial properties cannot be loaded during startup

nymea-zeroconf-plugin-avahi (0.5)
Fix the workaround for bad routers after refactoring

nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.6)

Update build deps in wizard created dpkg
Add displayName properties to wizard

V 0.18.0

nymea-zigbee (0.0.4)
Add assign operator for zigbee security configuration
nymea-mqtt (0.1.3)
Fix build dependencies
nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.9)
Fix building in sbuild
Update copyright
nymea-gpio (1.0.1)
Update copyright
libnymea-networkmanager (0.2.2)
Reinitialize nm if the initial properties cannot be loaded during
nymea-networkmanager (0.5.1)
Update documentation
Fix building in sbuild
nymea (0.18.0)
Add basic docker files for running nymea in debian
Add System Time API
Add discovery mode to userandpassword mock device
Update company name
Improve log DB housekeeping performance
Support units in interfaces
Update device names when changed by the plugin
Subscribe to the entire device namespace in nymea:cloud MQTT
Use a more unique nonce for the remote connection
Update year and copyright
Generate a version.h file
Disconnect all slots of nymea:core on shutdown
Add Bluetooth media icon
Qt versions
Fix crash when removing a connected transport interface
nymea-plugins (0.18.0)
New Plugin: Tuya cloud
Boblight: Fix behavior if color is changed very fast
New plugin: Tado
New Plugin: Nanoleaf
HttpCommander: Build with more strict compiler settings
New Plug-In: OpenUV
New Plugin: tp-link Kasa
TexasInstruments: Fix pressure unit for sensortag
Kodi: Skip link-local IPv6 addresses
New Plugin: UniFi network controller
New plugin: Nuki
New plugin: USB relay
All Plugins: Fix building in sbuild
EQ-3: Fix connection to MAX! cube
Bose SoundTouch: Fix actions and add source browsing
nymea-plugins-simulation (0.5)
Fix building in sbuild
nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.2)
Fix building in sbuild
nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.2)
fixed slave address
Fix building in sbuild

V 0.17.0

nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.7)
Add option to disable tests during builds
libnymea-networkmanager (0.2.1)
Set wireless accesspoint to WPA2 and set reconnect forever
Fix wireless protected flag and add open network connection support
nymea (0.17.0)
Allow more fine grained notification options
More complete setup
Drop old REST server
Experience plugins
Add a barcodescanner interface
Don't load devices if the plugin dropped support for it
Don't emit EventEmitted for invalid devices
Threaded log database
Weaken password requirements a bit
nymea-plugins (0.17.0)
New Plugin: Tuya cloud
FlowerCare: Add a refresh rate setting
Packaging: Fix dpkg clean target
Simulation: Add a simulated barcode scanner device
Http commander: Add http server
DaylightSensor: Update Update README
Kodi: Automatically redetect Kodi when its IP address changes
Various Plugins: Spelling fixes in README files
nymea-plugins-simulation (0.4)
No change rebuild
nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.1)
Update build dep to min 0.16
nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.1)
Fixed neuron extension inputs
Maintenance update (build with nymea 0.17 and Qt 5.13)
nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.5)
Update plugin api

V 0.16.0

nymea-mqtt (0.1.2)
Fix a crash in topic matching.

libnymea-networkmanager (0.1.2)
Update pkgconfig and include dir path
Bluetooth LE server

nymea-networkmanager (0.4.1)
Update pkg-config include for libnymea-networkmanager

nymea-gpio (1.0.0)
Initial version

nymea (0.16.0)
Add account interface
Rework devicemanager and plugin api
Fix wrong wording of Hertz
Improve json parse errors
MQTT hardware resource api updates

nymea-plugins (0.16.0)
All Plugins: Devicemanager api rework
Fix hertz wording
New plugin: Shelly- nymea-plugins-simulation (0.3)
Update to new devicemanager api- nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.1)
New plugin: modbuscommander
Update to new plugin api- nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.1)
Hotfix home path- nymea-zigbee-plugin (0.0.3)
Temp old path
Add alertsound
Update to new plugin api

V 0.15.1

libnymea-networkmanager (0.1.1)
Add access point functionality
Update pkgconfig and include dir path

nymea-networkmanager (0.4.1)
Update pkg-config include for libnymea-networkmanager

nymea-gpio (1.0.0)
Initial version

nymea (0.15.1)
Add a powerswitch interface
Add a doorbell interface
Add an alert interface
Fix a debug print to avoid spamming the log- nymea-plugins (0.15.2)
Denon Plug-In: Add heos devices
Tasmota: Add support for 3ch devices
TcpCommander: Fixed input and output device class
New plug-in: systemmonitor
PhilipsHue: Make use of the new alert interface
New plugin: One-Wire
GPIO Plug-In: add counter device
Senic: Fixed device clean up on a failed device setup
Remove Plugin: UniPi- nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.0)
New plugin: modbuscommander- nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.0)
New Plugin: UniPi- nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (0.3)
Add support for Debian Buster

V 0.14.0

nymea (0.14.0)
Bump minimum required TLS version to 1.2
Add support for device settings
Move devicemanager implementation out of nymea into libnymea
Add nymea-plugininfocompiler to replace nymea-generateplugininfo
Update ZeroConf names when the server is renamed

nymea-plugins (0.15.0)
All Plugins: Update docs mechanism
NetworkDetector: Change grace period to be a setting instead of a
Philips Hue: Add support for the hue indoor motion sensor
All Plugins: Update according to new DeviceManager API
Use the new nymea-plugininfocompiler for building
GenericElements: Fix toggle button writable state

nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (0.2)
Fix the distro parsing mechanism
Fix an issue where the Testing repo might appear multiple times.

nymea-system-plugin-systemd (0.2)
Fix configuration to be a plugin, not a lib

nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.4)
Update to new plugin info compiler and update plugin.pri file

V 0.13.0

nymea (0.13.0)
Add navigation pad interfaces
Fix make lupdate
Don't rely on NetworkManager to determine the online status
Fix include installs
Don't use namespaces in headers in an inheritative way.
System manager
Update readme
Fix loading/saving of params using typeId
Add new interface closablesensor
Rename vendor
Move nymeatestbase into a nymea-testlib to speed up building
Abstract ZeroConf into a platform plugin
Add filterByDeviceClass to Devices
Rename the target in the plugin.pri so plugin devs don't have to do
Flush client buffers before terminating a connection

Removed plugins: Orderbutton, Plantcare and ws2812
Renamed HTTP commander vendor, fixed segfault on device removed
Fix serialportcommander
OpenWeatherMap: Add daylightsensor and allow loading custom API keys
Update mail notifications plugin
Depend on pkg-config
Kodi, AvahiMonitor: Update to new ZeroConf API

Celsi°s: Add a simulation plugin for the Celsi°s experience

Initial release.

Initial release.
Add license
Initial release.
First implementation of a avahi platform plugin

V 0.12.0

nymea (0.12.0)
New Release Mechanism
Presence Interface
Crash Report
KNX Support
Bulk Notification (cloud UI to send notifications to the consumer)
Release of nymea in the public Snap Store
Raspberry Pi Image
Encryption and Authentication
Remote Connection
Push Button Pairing
Update/Snap Management
Memory Leak DetectionUser Tags (Location ...)
Security Configuration
Hardware Plug-Ins
Clean up plugin JSON-File

Plug-in template generator

Release NYMEA:APP for iOS and Android
Upload Nymea:App to Android and iOS stores
Rule templates
App templates for Philips hue + Color picker
Update developer documentation

V 0.8.0

nymea (0.8.0)
Tag system
User authentication
ZeroConf support
Remote access
Basic system settings

V 0.7.0

Add OAuth 2.0
Add parent/child device relation
Add "possible values" for stateType
Add device remove policy (parent/child)
Add DisplayPin mock device
Add more tests
Add more plugins 
CoAP Support

V 0.6.0

Add web socket server
Add UPnP discovery
Add more tests
Add more plugins
Make debug categories dynamic
Add error reporting to REST-API
Add "How to write plugins" documentation
Add execute rule action methods
Add snappy packaging support
Many small bug fixes

V 0.5.0

Update documentation style
Add Webserver
Add SSL support
Add Bluetooth LE support
Add log filter methods
Add more plugins
Many small bug fixes
Add units
Add debug categories
Add CORS support to webserver

V 0.4.0

Add "Edit" devices method
Add "Edit" rules method
Add LogEngine
Create GuhSettings
Introduce guhserver namespace
Improve rule engine
Add input types
Add more plugins
Many small bug fixes
Add support for "writeable" states in plugin meta data

V 0.3.0

Add UPnP resource
Add NetworkAccessManager resource
Add more plugins
Add DisplayPin setup method
Add generateplugininfo precompiler
Add man page
Add command line parser
Many small bug fixes

V 0.2.0

Load plugins dynamic
Add more tests
Add Brennenstuhl support
Create plugin meta data parser
Port plugins to JSON description
Add init script
Add QtService lib
Expand mock device
Add GPIO support
API notification enable/disable
Many small bug fixes
Add documentation
Add more plugins

V 0.1.0

Create project structure
Add debian scripts
Add server structure
Add JSON-RPC interface
Create device manager
Create rule engine
Static plugin implementation
Add RF 433 MHz hardware resource
Add tests for JSON-RPC
Add setup methods
Add create methods
Add test scripts (bash)
Add license check

Project start 01.09.2013