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For Users


nymea gets you up and running with your smart home setup in no time. Just install nymea:core and nymea:app and you're all set with a powerful smart home solution that does not require powerful hardware or fiddling with cryptic configuration files. Using 100% free and open source software.

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For Developers


When you're building your own IoT device, nymea will help with all the software efforts. Whether it's connecting your device to others, adding easy set-up features, creating smart hubs for all your devices or adding control and setup frontends, nymea's got your back.

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For Businesses


Building IoT enabled customer grade products can be hard. We've ramped up with all the required know-how and with the nymea stack we'll be supporting your business. Whether it's fast prototyping and consulting, providing necessary components, building entire products or caring for deployments and updates.

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Affair of the heart

We think that IoT devices, especially inside your home, do not have to be cloud connected all the time. Privacy and reliability are our main concerns. With that in mind we build everything with an offline-first approach. This results in blazing fast reaction times, full control over personal data and guarantees your product won't be rendered useless if the cloud provider you've been betting on shuts down their service.

We care about your privacy.

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