Nymea software and libraries are provided under a dual license model designed to meet the development and distribution needs of both commercial distributors (such as OEMs and VARs) and open source projects. This allows different models to utilise the software stack:

Open-Source license

We are dedicated to open-source and free software, that’s why we open-source’d nymea:core, nymea:app and a number of nymea Plug-ins and other tools.

Nymea is licensed under “GPLv3”. You can use nymea for free as long as your application is compliant to GPLv3. Nymea Plug-ins are typically published under the LGPLv3. Please verify the license of each Plug-in in the license header of the respective source files:

More about the GPLv3 and LGPLv3 here:

If you consider to create commercial products based on open-source licenses, we advise to check for any legal implications.

Commercial license

With the commercial license you can combine and distribute your software with nymea for any commercial purpose. You don’t have to comply with the rules of the open-source license.

The nymea commercial license comes with additional tools and services to make a developers life easier. You can download the terms and condition here.

You can utilise most of the building blocks of the nymea ecosystem in a commercial product:

There are 2 options for building commercial products with nymea:

Closed binaries (ready-to-use software)

This option will only require a nymea license and nymea GmbH will create closed source binaries for your product. This may be a one time purchase or a recurring license agreement for nymea GmbH providing frequent updates.

SDK (build upon nymea)

The nymea developer license will grant access to all of nymeas source code and allow for closed source customizations and changes on the customers side. It is the most flexible option as no Open Source restrictions apply while still getting access to modify the source code. However, please note, that this option will also require a Qt development license in addition (which can be obtained either at the Qt Company directly or from nymea GmbH bundled with the nymea SDK license).

Feel free to contact the nymea team for further information and pricing. We’re happy to help with working out the solution that is best suited for your product.