Nymea in action

This page lists some nymea installations out there in the wild. Are you using nymea and doing something cool with it? Let us know and we’ll get your project added here!

Smart home with touch screen control panel

This Hackster article shows how to run nymea:core and nymea:app on a Raspberry Pi with 7” Touch screen panel to control a smart home. This setup features Philips Hue lights, homebrew RGB LED stripes using boblight, FlowerCare sensors to monitor plants, integrated with Kodi and Sonoff light switches.

Hot tub powered by nymea

Building a hot tub yourself? No prob with nymea, as shown in this Hackster article. An old very unsmart hot tub has been combined with a Raspberry Pi and nymea turning it into a fully smart hot tub. It can be turned on remotely on the way home from the office and sends out push notifications when the water has reached the comfort temperature.

Smart garage gates

Nymea is used to build maveo, bringing garage gates to the digital age. Making garage gates smart is maveo’s goal and they chose nymea to do the heavy lifting under the hood.

Smart and private open source sensor station

Nymea is used to build a DIY sensor station as described in this Hackster article. The article shows how nymea can integrate digital and analog sensors with smart lighting and notifications to create a smart home experience. In comparison to existing products nymea maintains the privacy of the data and remains functional even without internet connectivity.


Nymea is helping the Raspberry Pi community to get set up without cable and terminal with BerryLan. Ever prepared a Raspberry Pi for a non-technical friend? It can be a real challenge to configure WiFi in the destination network if your friendly linux guru from the hood isn’t around. BerryLan helps with that, adding cable and terminal free wifi setup to the Raspberry Pi, straight there on your smartphone display.

Nymea and Tasmota

Free your Tuya device with Tasmota and nymea. This article explains how to use 100% free software for Tuya smart light switches.