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Nymea gets you up and running with your Smart Home setup in no time.

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Focused on usability

Nymea does not require editing cryptic configuration files, it can be configured and controlled entirely using your Smartphone or PC.


Nymea ensures that your data is kept where it belongs, locally in your home. Besides the privacy advantage, this also keeps you independent from cloud vendors, and doesn't require an always-on internet connection.

Free and Open Source

Nymea is comitted to open source software. Anything we do can be inspected, tuned and shared by our community.

Connection talent

Connecting things to your smart home is easy and quick. See the list of available integrations.

Collecting sensor data

Connecting sensors to nymea allows for monitoring plants, energy consumption, air quality, weather data and many more. In combination with smart rules heating, irrigation, ventilation and such can be controlled magically.

Media, integrated

Nymea allows setting alarmy by playing back your favorite music, dim your light to fit in with movie time or even automatically change radio station if your disliked songs are detected.

It's magic!

Define smart behaviors for your environment. Using easy to setup rules allows to create all sorts of scenarios. Turning on your light when it gets dark outside and you're at home is just one example. Just a few clicks and your custom behavior is ready to go.


Even without the need of a smart home, nymea offers comprehensive configuration capabilities for your hardware. Headless network setup as client or access point, setting up an MQTT broker, easy remote access, running a web server, or updating your system is all right there at your fingertips when nymea is installed.

For the more advanced

If simple smart rules aren't enough, nymea offers optional scripting support to create really advanced use cases. The possibilities are endless.

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