Building the nymea-snap

Install build dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install snapcraft git build-essential

Clone the project source code:

$ git clone
$ cd nymea-snap

Build the snap:

$ snapcraft

Install the snap

Note: you need to have a running snapd. See here for more information.

Note: The --dangerous is needed because the package is not signed.

    $ sudo snap install nymea_<VERSION>_<ARCH>.snap --dangerous

Interact with the snap

  • Run the nymea-cli command line interfaces

    $ nymea.nymea-cli
  • Get the status of the daemon:

    $ sudo systemctl status snap.nymea.nymead.service
  • Stop the daemon:

    $ sudo systemctl stop snap.nymea.nymead.service
  • Restart the daemon:

    $ sudo systemctl restart snap.nymea.nymead.service
  • Disable autostart of the daemon:

    $ sudo systemctl disable snap.nymea.nymead.service
  • Enable autostart of the daemon:

    $ sudo systemctl disable snap.nymea.nymead.service
  • Get the stdout from nymead:

    $ sudo journalctl -f -u snap.nymea.nymead.service

Snap interfaces

In order to enable the access to the different services, you need to connect the slots you need for your setup:

  • nymea:avahi-control
  • nymea:avahi-observe
  • nymea:bluez
  • nymea:network-manager

Connect interfaces

Once you connected an interface, you need to restart the nymea daemon using sudo systemctl restart snap.nymea.nymead.service.

  • Enable avahi discovery

    sudo snap connect nymea:avahi-control
    sudo snap connect nymea:avahi-observe
  • Enable bluetooth support

    sudo snap connect nymea:bluez
  • Enable network-manager support

    sudo snap connect nymea:network-manager