Let's Build Something Great Together!

nymea is an industrial-level operating system for connected things. The one-fits-all solution significantly cuts down development and maintenance effort. As a result, we can offer unbeatable time-to-market.

In addition, every product built on nymea comprises state-of-the-art security.

An abundance of machine languages and a great marketplace for additional services will turn any nymea-based device into a "digitization machine". Your nymea solution will enable you to constantly roll out new and improved services to keep up with your competitors.

Integrative IoT

Being API-agnostic means that your device is 'integrative', i.e. it adapts to every technological environment. Instead of depending on your operator to integrate your device into an IoT cloud or a smart home, you can easily connect it to its environment yourself.

Updates Management

  • Security – Threats emerge constantly in the world of IoT: from bots probing your system to unwanted data mining. nymea's fast and adaptive updates handle problems at their roots.
  • Enhancement – nymea turns any product into a software-designed product. Software upgrades enhance your product’s appeal quickly and easily.
  • Development – APIs are subject to constant development. The nymea service package covers tracking and maintaining changes made to every single API.

API Store

nymea comes with app store-like features. While apps are developed to interact with humans, APIs (application programming interfaces) are designed to enable machine interaction. nymea's API store offers a catalogue of applications for you to choose from and install effortlessly. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily manage those machine connectors.

Machine Learning

As the old saying goes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” nymea teaches your device to ‘fish’. Local machine learning significantly optimises human-machine interaction and reduces data transmission costs. Analytics information is aggregated, giving you insight into machine and customer behaviour through our dashboard and reports.


nymea-enabled devices can be controlled by apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and browsers. We deliver PoC apps in the design of your choice in just a few days’ time, and adapt the dashboard to your needs. You will have all relevant information at a glance!

Let's build something great together!
  • Key2Energy

    Energy sources and loads are managed by the machines interfaces in order to use cheap and green energy when available.

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      No external tools required if one of the machines in the system supports third party software within a sandbox container.

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      How was it done.

      The PV system activates loads during daytime to enhance self-consumption OR The heating pump utilizes cheap intervals of a dynamic energy tarif like aWATTar.at OR Smart meters interact with those machines and combines it with demand/response markets or decentralized Blockchain markets (real example: key2.energy) OR any combination of above.

  • Industry 4.0

    A quick look at how nymea can optimize a modern factory.

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      Production Calculation

      Machine ID#123 will produce n-amount of chocolate in a 24h cycle.

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      Machine Utilization and Power Consumption

      Average power consumption - 7.35 kW. Energy cost 4,6768 Cent/kWh

      • Energy cost per day: €4.12494
      • Energy cost per month: €123.748
      • Energy cost per year: €1505.6

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      Predictive Maintenance

      Machine ID#123 will need an oil change on the DD.MM.YYYY.