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The field of shading and sun light management is highly comprehensive and offers numerous opportunities and challenges. You think it is about more than just opening and closing shadings? So do we! Security and comfort are of vital importance. Intelligent solutions can make both our private and our professional lives significantly easier. IoT opens doors to new possibilities to tailor shading systems to people’s individual needs. The industry benefits from new opportunities when developing products and services, and tapping corresponding sources of revenue. To name but a few examples, we believe that the journey will take us to the following destinations:

Intelligent mix of natural and indoor light which increases well-being at home and efficiency in working environments.

Link to alarm system: in the case of urgency, existing blinds and shadings could be used to create a “panic room” and therefore significantly increase security.

Active management of indoor temperature, e.g. in the winter sun light can be used during the day to reduce energy consumption. Consumers can save money and enjoy a perfectly temperature-managed home.

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