Increase interoperability of your IoT products.

nymea is a lean open-source middleware that enables powerful edge applications.

Optimal performance. Invisible footprint.
  * RAM RES 19752 (~ 8% of a 256 MB RAM)
  * RAM VIRT 78224
  * CPU usage ~ 0-2% in idle
  * nymea daemon binary size: 92kB
  * default plugins total binary size: 1,9 MB
  * Footprint with all required libraries ~ 60MB
  * Default log DB size is 200k entries, 16MB if full
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Why nymea?

nymea as PaaS (Platform as a Service) makes your IoT project plannable. Our clients call it the “nymea insurance”.

You can focus on unlocking new business opportunities. We do the rest.

  • You can connect your hardware to an endless number of other products without any restrictions.
  • You can control M2M (machine to machine) connections easily and intuitively.
  • You can open new revenue streams by selling services to your customers you haven’t even thought about.
  • From now on, you will never need to worry about updates and failure safety again.

nymea loves to communicate

No limits for your projects: nymea is a language talent.

Our M2M stack guarantees effortless API integrations. Countless protocols are supported.


Just to name some examples:

nymea Stack


IoT edge middleware


Remote connection, notifications and integrations for digital assistants


App libraries and templates for your own branded app
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Main Industries

IoT smarte Zutrittskontrolle

Doors, Gates &
Access Systems

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IoT smart heating

Heating pumps &
energy management

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IoT smarte Heizung

eChargers &
PV Inverters

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IoT smart Shading

Shading &

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Customer Project: Smart Garage Doors

In collaboration with our client, the German marantec company group, we were able to realize a project that sets new standards for the garage door market. Existing garage door engines were web-enabled, giving rise to numerous smart services for end consumers such as, for example, a fully automated ventilation system for garages. Or: Enjoy the freedom of not having to be at home when your delivery arrives? Instead, you could grant the mail carrier access to your garage with a one time code! Applications like these will shortly become reality. The “smart with maveo” app sends all important information directly to the client’s smartphone. Simple handling, full control. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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smart with maveo

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Our Blog

Smart and Private Open Source Sensor Station

The internet is full of tutorials on how to read digital and analog sensors, now it is time to do something useful with this data.

Hacking on nymea: FlowerCare sensors plugin

Adding new device types to nymea is done with plugins. With some development skills and if the hardware is not vendor-locked, it's rather straight forward to add such a plugin. This post shows one approach to create a plugin by the example of the Xiaomi FlowerCare sensor.

Smart Residential Irrigation: Concept

Smart Irrigation is not only about saving water or having healthier plants. It is mostly convenience that convinces the consumer to buy a smart irrigation system. Most people don't want to have to worry about their garden. They just want it to be a place to relax.

Smart Irrigation with nymea

The threat of Day Zero in Cape Town (South Africa) has made the citizens aware of the value of water. Together they managed to reduce average water consumption by more than 50 %. Throughout the world, the climate change will make water a rare good in areas where it used to be taken for granted. With smart irrigation systems, water consumption can be monitored and probably even reduced. I want to show you the success factors in your area of application, and recommend what I believe to be the best technologies.

  • AWS
  • ubuntu
  • Qt Framework
  • StreamUnlimited
  • marantec company group
  • startupbootcamp
  • Silicon Alps
  • Austrian Wirtschaftsservice
  • FFG
  • netidee
  • INiTS
  • Wirtschafts Agentur Wien
  • Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
  • ABA