Do you already speak IoT?

nymea is an operating system for connected things.

We make your product smart. Fast, plannable, and hassle-free.

Our M2M stack guarantees effortless API integrations.

We believe in the strength of integrated edge solutions.

Why nymea?

nymea makes your entry into the world of IoT a plannable project. Our clients call it the “nymea insurance”.

You can focus on unlocking new business opportunities. We do the rest.

  • Save time and money in comparison to a proprietary in-house solution.
  • Benefit from our unrivalled time-to-market.
  • One for all: nymea communicates with a large variety of devices and quickly adapts to “newcomers”.
  • System stability and security are our top priorities.

Imagine ...

  • Your product range is IoT compatible long before your competitors even hold their first meeting on smart devices.
  • You can connect your hardware to an endless number of other products without any restrictions.
  • You can control M2M (machine to machine) connections easily and intuitively.
  • Your data is just a fingertip away: boost your business by tailoring services to your customer’s needs based on analytic results.
  • You can open new revenue streams by selling services to your customers you haven’t even thought about.
  • From now on, you will never need to worry about updates and failure safety again.

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Let's build something great together!

Use Case: Smart Garage Doors

In collaboration with our client, the German marantec company group, we were able to realize a project that sets new standards for the garage door market. Existing garage door engines were web-enabled, giving rise to numerous smart services for end consumers such as, for example, a fully automated ventilation system for garages. Or: Enjoy the freedom of not having to be at home when your delivery arrives? Instead, you could grant the mail carrier access to your garage with a one time code! Applications like these will shortly become reality. The “smart with maveo” app sends all important information directly to the client’s smartphone. Simple handling, full control. The app is available for iOS and Android.

More Info

smart with maveo
IoT smarte Beleuchtung

Lighting systems

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IoT smarte Bewässerung

Irrigation systems

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IoT smarte Zutrittskontrolle

Access systems

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IoT smarte Heizung

Energy systems

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You are outperforming us!

nymea enables us to develop a marketable product that our customers will love, within the shortest time possible!

The decision favouring guh was taken for a number of reasons, but only guh provides us with the customisation and security we need for our products

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Smart Residential Irrigation: Concept

Smart Irrigation is not only about saving water or having healthier plants. It is mostly convenience that convinces the consumer to buy a smart irrigation system. Most people don't want to have to worry about their garden. They just want it to be a place to relax.

Smart Irrigation with nymea

The threat of Day Zero in Cape Town (South Africa) has made the citizens aware of the value of water. Together they managed to reduce average water consumption by more than 50 %. Throughout the world, the climate change will make water a rare good in areas where it used to be taken for granted. With smart irrigation systems, water consumption can be monitored and probably even reduced. I want to show you the success factors in your area of application, and recommend what I believe to be the best technologies.

Boost your IoT Device with Qt

Here at guh GmbH, the creators of the IoT platform nymea, we have been using Qt since right from the start. You may think: it seems an odd choice to use Qt for a device with no UI requirements but just middleware components basically invisible to the user. Let me explain why this definitely isn’t the case. Essentially, there are three misconceptions in the previous statement.

IoT - Internet of Threats?

IoT fails relentlessly make headlines. In consumers, these news elicit various reactions: from laughs of ridicule to gasps of fear. Only “I’m gonna buy this” is never in the mix. Check out our newest post to learn of uncanny cameras, not so smart meters, and hacker-haunted homes.