Basic configuration

Once you have successfully installed nymea:core on your Raspberry Pi or Linux PC it is time for the basic configuration. Open nymea:app on your phone to get started. It will show you a list of all the nymea systems found in your network. If you're using WiFi don't worry if your nymea:core system doesn't appear just yet. The Configuring Network section will show you how to connect to it.

Connect screen

Configuring network

The first thing a nymea setup needs, is to setup the network configuration. If your nymea:core system is using wired network, everything should work out of the box. Just plug in the network cable and the nymea:core will appear in your network and nymea:app should find it.

If instead using WiFi, the wireless credentials need to be provided to the nymea:core system. To do so, nymea offers a WiFi setup assistant in nymea:app.

Open nymea:app on your mobile phone or tablet and press the Wireless Setup button.

Wireless setup

In the next window, select your nymea:core system. Once the app is connected to nymea:core it will present you a list of wireless networks. Select your network and insert the password. The password will be transmitted to nymea:core and it will connect to your WiFi network. Now it should appear in the main screen of nymea:app. Tap on it to connect.

Confguring the system name, language and time

Once you're connected to nymea:core it is recommended to verify and set at least the system's time information. For that, open System settings from the main menu.

System settings