The preferred way of configuring your nymea system is by using nymea:app. Once connected to nymea:core, tap the menu button in the upper right corner to open the main menu and select box settings in there.

Configuring via nymea:app

Android screenshot

A new page will open. In there you'll find all the configurations.

Android screenshot

Configuring manually by editing the configuration files

Nymea can also be confifured by editing the configuaration files manually. While it is not recommended to do so it is generally considered safe. A faulty setting value would be detected by nymea and that setting will be reverted to the respective default value.

Depending on how nymead was started, configuration files might be located at different places.

User - If you start nymead as user, e.g. while developing or trying things out, the settings can be found in the home directory of the corresponding user:


root - If you start nymead as root or the system starts it as a system service, the settings will be stored in:


The main configuration file is nymead.conf. In there you'll find the settings shown in the app's box settings.

In addition to that, nymea holds a few other configuration files: rules.conf - Stores all the rules created in the system devices.conf - Stores all the things (devices and services) configured by the user. devicestates.conf - This is used to cache current states of things. E.g. to restore them on a system restart. tags.conf - Tags created by client apps or the user are stored in this file.

Note: nymead needs to be restarted in order to pick up any changes done manually to those configuration files.

Reset configuration

In order to reset the configuration completely, you can remove all the configuration files.

Logging Database

By default the logging database is a sqlite3 database and contains every log event of the nymead server. It is named nymead.sqlite but can be overriden in the configuration file.

Like with the configuration files, the default location of this file depends on whether nymea has been started manually or via a system service. If you start nymead as root or the system starts it with the init script, the logging database will be stored in:


When started as a user, the file is located in


To reset the database, just delete the file and restart nymead.