There are many ways to contribute to nymea. You don't need to be a developer in order to contribute! This page will outline some options if you'd like to support us.


Translations are an easy way for anyone to contribute. nymea uses weblate to get translations done. If you'd like to translate nymea to your language, or fix a typo, head over to and sign up for an account. One of the admins will activate your account soon and you're ready to go. Ideally you join our telegram and let us know about it but that's not required.

Testing/Bug reporting

Like any other software project, bugs happen. In order to strive for the best possible quality, we're thankful for everyone reporting bugs and helping with testing prereleases.


Activating pre-releases for nymea:core will always get you the latest and greates stuff, but, given the nature of a prerelease is not QA approved yet. The more bugs we find in this stage, the better. Please report any bugs you find at nymea:core's githug issues page, or, if the issue is with a particular plugin, at nymea-plugin's github issues page.

Ubuntu and Debian/GNU Linux

On classic Ubuntu Debian/GNU Linux systems you can activate the "landing-silo" repository.

$ sudo apt-add-repository "deb <distro> main"

Ubuntu core

On Ubuntu Core instead, you can simply move to the "edge" channel.

$ snap refresh nymea --channel edge


Same goes for nymea:app. Bugs should be reported at nymea:app's github issues page. If you want to join the pre-release channels follow those instructions:


Go to and join the beta program. As of that point you'll get the latest and greatest app releases.


On iOS, you need to get the TestFlight app. Because of the way TestFlight works, you'd need to let us know about your email address so we can add your iTunes store account to the TestFlight users. Contact us via Telegram of email for that.

Code contributions

nymea is developed on GitHub. For code contributions, please file a pull request as usual there. Please understand that in order to accept any code contributions, we're legally obliged to ask contributors to sign a CLA (Contributors License Agreement). Please refer to the main nymea website for more details.

Provide access to new/unsupported hardware

We're always looking to add support for more devices to nymea. If you have a device which isn't supported yet but would like to see it happen, you can provide us access to it so we can work on supporting it. If that's not possible, depending on the complexity of the device, sometimes it's enough to provide us the logs we need to get going. Check out the forum and head to the hardware section. Let us know about your device and we'll see how to get going with it.

Make some noise!

Another very much impoertant thing that any project requires is users, as many of them as possible. The larger our community grows, the faster progress there will be. You can help by spreading the word about nymea. Blogging about it, creating cool youtube videos or simply telling your friends about it and helping them setting things up is as valuable as any other contribution.