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Boost your IoT Device with Qt

Here at guh GmbH, the creators of the IoT platform nymea, we have been using Qt since right from the start. You may think: it seems an odd choice to use Qt for a device with no UI requirements but just middleware components basically invisible to the user. Let me explain why this definitely isn’t the case. Essentially, there are three misconceptions in the previous statement.

IoT - Internet of Threats?

IoT fails relentlessly make headlines. In consumers, these news elicit various reactions: from laughs of ridicule to gasps of fear. Only “I’m gonna buy this” is never in the mix. Check out our newest post to learn of uncanny cameras, not so smart meters, and hacker-haunted homes.

Key2Energy: Accounting Locally Generated Photovoltaic Energy in Apartment Buildings

Key2Energy’s technology allows apartment buildings to provide self-generated energy to tenants. Until now, photovoltaic (PV) energy could only be sold to the energy grid. This resulted in very little return on investment (ROI). With Key2Energy, PV energy can be sold directly to tenants, with the additional option of blockchain-based accounting.

How We Disrupt the Smart Home Approach

Smart homes are the new hot shit. A door you can’t access and control via app? Pathetic! So why does a quick search on Amazon tell us that even the most expensive smart home systems can’t get a perfect 5/5 score? The answer is simple: rather than creating something new, market leaders keep copying existing smart home soft- and hardware that has only limited compatibility. We’ve decided to overhaul a system that is in great need of improvement.

Why Qt is More than Cute

IoT is here to stay. Users want their smart things to be intuitive, powerful, flexible, and secure. After all, connected devices should make our lives easier, not harder. We found the perfect framework to meet those new demands: we can proudly say that we currently provide the only large-scale IoT platform based on Qt.

IoT Malware: Don’t Let Bots Brick Your Future

There is no doubt that IoT (Internet of Things) goes hand in hand with a high risk potential. After all, if I allow my device to communicate with the whole world, it might get ‘hurt’. While malware is nothing new, the recent years have seen the rise of two outstandingly dangerous bots: the Mirai Bot and the slightly younger BrickerBot. Primarily targeting undersecured IoT devices, these two evildoers have caused millions of euros in damage in the past two years.

Digitization: Turning a Gamble into a Safe Bet

Despite its ceaseless growth, many CEOs still consider digitization a necessary evil. In an effort to save money, IoT platforms are hurriedly pieced together with outdated technology by laymen. The result are low-quality products that can cause serious damage to entire companies. guhIO is a high-quality solution developed by experts.