Company overview at a glance

Our vision is to become the global IoT operating system by 2030

Our mission is to constantly expand the depth and breadth of our services in order to best serve our B2B customers. Focusing on B2B customers in the German speaking mid-market, we will build a strong foundation for our global expansion.

Our story: In 2012 Bernhard and Simon were doing an exchange semester in South Korea. On their flight back home, they both were inspired by the technological advancements in the country and came up with a smart home device. The idea of "tune", a smart home hardware device and nymea, a revolutionary IoT software were born. Shortly after, Lukas and Simon joined the company as co-founders and software developers. After 3 years of intense development and improvement of the business model, guh GmbH was incorporated in the beginning of 2016. The focus of the company shifted from a hardware product, toward to a pure B2B focused IoT operating system - nymea. The software was a breakthrough success and the company was instantly profitable. As of today the company is still majority founder owned.

Meet the Team!

Simon Hönegger


Lukas Mayerhofer

App Development

Simon Stürz

Lead Engineer

Bernhard Trinnes


George Yatsev


Luca Silvestri

Cloud Architect

Daniel Ultsch

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Zanetti

Senior Software Engineer